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My new toy: Bluebox-ng

Hi again guys, here there is my new personal project. I think that README file is complete enough so I paste it on this post. Next month I'll be with my colleague Antón  at Kamalio World Conference showing a bit more about it. If you are there and want to talk a bit about VoIP security (or WebRTC) get in contact with us please. :) Finally, we would like to publish the first version in one ore two months, sorry but we're developing it mostly in our free time :(. I've promised Yago to do it on Security by Default blog so stay tuned.  Moreover this tool was included in Quobis personal project plan so you can always follow Quobis planet in which we publish all our experiments. Nothing else, I hope you like it and all kind of suggestions (and coders) are welcomed :). Bluebox-ng Bluebox-ng is a next generation UC/VoIP security tool. It has been written in CoffeeScript using Node.js powers. This project is "our 2 cents" to help to improve