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Scanning the world with Sipvicious

Hi, I´m scanning a large number of ranges with Sipvicious (" ") and I would like to share some tips which helped me during the process: - The use of sessions (-s) and reports ("") is necessary to prevent mixing of obtained data. - It´s a good idea to scan not only port 5060, you should add successive ports because some sysadmins configure their SIP services to run there (-p5060-5065). - There is a well known "problem" about SIP and NAT, if you have installed an Asterisk you have heard about it sure :(, so we need to specify our external IP address to Sipvicious with (-x) parameter. Moreover port 5060(Sipvicious outcoming port) has to be forwarded to host which is scanning, in case that you were scanning with more than one instance at the same time successive ports should be forwarded too. I usually put the host int the DMZ trying to avoid these problems. - "" tries to make a DNS lookup with the discovered