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Fixing some SIP related Metasploit modules

Hi again, while I was checking some demos for our class at Vigo University representing Quobis  I noticed that Metasploit options.rb module (SIP scanning) wasn't working ok. I mean, it was unable to recognize a Kamailio server. Next two pictures show the difference with SIPVicious output: Some time ago, I wrote a post about this module and I remember being a bit surprised because the code doesn't respect SIP protocol at all (but It worked with Asterisk). After a quick view to Kamailio logs my suspects were confirmed, Sanity module was doing right its job dropping these packets. :) Next function defines how requests are created in actual module, If you are familiar with SIP RFC  you probably will notice what I'm talking about. If not, I suggest you to compare it with my  create_request  function of sipflood.rb module.     def create_probe(ip)         suser = Rex::Text.rand_text_alphanumeric(rand(8)+1)         shost = Rex::Socket.source_addr