More brute-force modules in Bluebox-ng

The last day I said that now we're going to automate all VoIP tasks trying to build a VoIP/UC vulnerability scanner. But I realized that there are some other tasks which I need in each penetration test that we could add too. This way we could avoid to use another tools for an important part of the work.

Normally, we're hired to deploy a VoIP specific penetration test, but we also like to check (in a minimal way) the rest of implied services. So I've added next modules brute-force modules:

  • Asterisk AMI: It was a must because this is a very common scenario.
  • MySQL: The most common DB engine among VoIP servers.
  • MongoDB: It's not used in VoIP, but I've been playing lately with this system and I really like it. So I decided also to add a module.
  • SSH / (S)FTP: More common protocols.
  • HTTP(S): Useful when we find a web management panel for a VoIP server.
  • TFTP: Widely used in VoIP to auto-provisioning the softphones of an organization.
  • LDAP: Sometimes the VoIP servers perform the authentication against an existent LDAP instance (Microsoft Active Directory is also included here).

Finally I would like remark that, in my oppinion, we should solve next issues to build a professional tool:

  • Network scanner: For now we're using Evilscan, but it only supports full TCP scan (neither SYN nor UDP) and the project seems stopped.
  • Web vulnerability scanner: I don't know any tool for this written in Node.js. The most similar thing I found is Dirscan-node, useful to make directory brute-force but it's not a complete web vuln scanner.

In fact, I'm using Nmap and Skipfish to achieve these goals for now. So if you're thinking in a new security project (in Node.js) these ideas could be a good one. ;)