Bluebox-ng beta released

I've just pushed the last changes to Bluebox-ng repo to get what we consider a beta version. It's not yet finished but it's much more stable than the previous release. Here there is a resume of the changelog:

  • IPv6 support. I would like to thank Olle E. Johansson (@oej) because of his research in SIP and IPv6, it did my work really easy.
  • Exploitsearch.net API support.
  • DNS module finished.
  • Nicer outputs.
  • Simpler setup process.
  • A network host/port scanner (Evilscan).
  • Dirscan-node upgraded to version 0.5.
  • Added some numerical lists (with different paddings) to use with brute-force modules.
  • Host list files and port ranges support included in SipScan module.
  • Solved SipBrutePass module problem with too much asyncronous requests.
  • A lot of refinements in the whole code.

I want to say that we've decided to re-define the project like a "VoIP/UC vulnerability scanner", this way we can work more focused. Our idea is to write a tool to test in an automatic way our deployments. There are several options when we think in other environments such as the web (Skipfish, NiktoW3af, etc), but we've not anything similar in VoIP.

For now we have a bunch of tools (modules) that do the job in a comfortable (but indepentent) way. So, it's time to join all of them to automate the different tasks needed when we deploy an specific VoIP penetration test.

Finally we hope to present the first stable version at GSICKMINDS (A Coruña, 24-25-26 October), a great security event which I recommend to everyone. We're going to have here some security pr0n stars and we're in one of best places in the world to enjoy a few days. ;)